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Hi, I'm Carlo Aguinaldo Marketing and Digital Marketing Professional

Highly organized and data-driven native English speaker from Australia with over 4 years of experience as a full-stack, digital-savvy marketing professional. Known for my diverse skill set, I help organizations translate complex products and ideas into a cohesive and integrated marketing communication strategy. My experience spans the Industrial, Process Engineering, and FMCG industries, acquiring extensive technical skills and expertise in the APAC region and other international markets.

About me

Carlo - Marketing, Digital Marketing & SEO Strategist
Carlo Aguinaldo smiling on top with a view, Digital Marketing SEO strategist and expert

I'm a results-driven marketing professional with a keen eye for detail and expertise in deploying various marketing tools to create well-informed business decisions. As a technical marketer, I specialize in digital marketing, SEO, business development, market research, B2B marketing, content marketing, relational database and CRM management.

4+ yrs.Marketing & Digital Marketing
4+ yrs.Website and Content Development, SEO
2+ yrs.Sales & Business Development

My Skills

What I can offer

Traditional & Digital Marketing

4+ years experience

Integrated Marketing

Consistent messaging and signals across all types of media (traditional and new), and the integration of Marketing and Sales processes

Marketing Campaigns

Develop and implement Marketing campaigns, track, analyze and optimize based on performance data

Market Research and Analysis

Help you better analyze and understand the market, the audience, current trends, opportunities, threats and the relationship in between

Marketing Automation

Maximizing marketing ROI. Streamline your campaign processes and execution, nurture leads and attain higher convertion rates by making related processes more scalable and efficient

Audience Marketing

Tailor content specific to your audience needs

Social Media

Build social media plans to create reciprocal relationship with existing and potential customers. Grow audience by deploying adaptable and relevant online techniques

Search Engine Marketing

Improve your SERP. Conduct keyword and competitor research, backlink analysis. Track - analyze traffic, campaigns and conversions to make informed decisions

Website Development, Management & SEO

4+ years experience

Improve your SEO

Improve SERP with technical site audits, keyword and competitor research, on page optimizations, content analysis, mobile first approach, location based SEO, SEO integration with social media, faster website loading times etc.

SEO Tools (Google Search Console, SEMrush, Screaming Frog etc.)

Learn and understand competitors online marketing strategies compared to yours, and effectively use it to your advantage

Web Analytics (Google, Facebook, YouTube etc.)

Measure, gather and analyze data from various web tools to gain a full picture of your web traffic, and utilize it for market research to increase the impact of your website and social media posts


Organize/Improve page structure and design layout for variety of devices

Responsive Design

Improve responsiveness of website across all devices with mobile first approach


Add interactivity and functionality to your web page

Business Development & Sales

2+ years experience


Help increase your client base and align Marketing and Sales processes

Build Relationships

Build reciprocal relationships with valuable clients and partners based on trust

Microsoft Office Applications

Familiar with all MS applications

Schedule and Reminders

Organize, schedule and send necessary follow-ups to current and prospective clients


My academic and professional journey

Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

Australia - La Trobe University
2015 - 2018

Google Ads Search Certification


Google Ads Video Certification


Certificate III in Warehousing Operations

Australia - Real Institute

Secondary College

Australia - Gladstone Park Secondary College

Marketing Coordinator

Australia - CEM International Pty Ltd.
2021 - 2023

Marketing and Sales Associate

Australia - Wellshine Wellson
2019 - 2021

Sustainability - Warehouse Process Operator

Australia - Close the Loop
2015 - 2019


Few examples of my work
Home page of CEM Marketing Files Browser app created by Carlo Aguinaldo, with search functionality.

Marketing Files Browser App - Remote Access

Developed and launched a user-friendly marketing files browser app, enabling remote access to cloud-hosted marketing materials for management and sales teams. A seamless portal for presentation of marketing materials to clients, with convenience and portability in mind. It enable sales effectiveness and facilitates better client engagement.

SEO example using keyword tools. Student milk powder Google search results. SEO Marketing results by Carlo Aguinaldo

Marketing - Digital and Print Advertising

Create visually engaging advertising assets according to your corporate brand kit, paired with the right messaging and call-to-action.

SEO example using keyword tools. Student milk powder Google search results. SEO Marketing results by Carlo Aguinaldo

Business, Marketing and Sales Presentations

Modern and visually captivating presentations leveraging interactive elements and engaging visuals to effectively communicate brand messaging, products, and campaign initiatives. Elevating presentation quality and user experience can lead to increase engagement, better brand awareness and more positive audience response.

SEO example using keyword tools. Student milk powder Google search results. SEO Marketing results by Carlo Aguinaldo

SEO - Keyword Search (Higher Search Rank)

Wellshine Wellson released a new niche product. Using competitors keyword research, I have improved the specific Google search result for the keyword "student milk powder". It is currently ranked very high on Google search results.

Marketing SEO results example. Google search results for student milk powder Australia. Carlo Aguinaldo SEO and Marketing

SEO - Location based (Higher Search Rank)

Location based technique at the local level to take an edge over the competitors. Wellshine Wellson currently ranks #1 with "student milk powder Australia" SERP.

Pancake recipe video on Facebook with 40,000 plus views, mostly from organic sources. Shared and distributed by Carlo Aguinaldo SEO and Marketing

Digital Marketing, content example - Facebook video with 40,000+ views

Successful recipe video shared through organic and paid means. An example of audience specific targeting.

How to build website authority organically for any subject. SEO content example by Carlo Aguinaldo.

Strategic Content (SEO) - Build authority for website

Blog form type of post with the intention of writing and structuring content with keywords and semantics in mind. This helps the website build authority organically about the chosen subject.

Integrated marketing content preview of blog and social media posts by Carlo Aguinaldo, titled Wellshine Wellson donates $10,000 to Victorian Communities. SEO content marketing, consistent message and signal across platforms

Integrated Content Creation - Consistent messaging and signal across platforms

Create blog content and social media post which has a unified objective, resulting in a consistent message and signal across all types of media.

Database search api to help website users search for products available in store. Coded by Carlo Aguinaldo SE0 and Marketing

Cost effective alternative to Google Maps

Users search for a product of their choice via a retail stockists from the database, using State, Area and Product as filters.


Get to know me

More about myself...


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Expertise - Business and Marketing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Market Research and Strategy

  • Branding and Positioning

  • SEO and Copywriting

  • SQL and Relational Database Management

  • Website and Content Development

  • Data Analysis and Data Analytics

  • Marketing Automation

  • Email and Social Media Marketing

  • Content Marketing


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Previous Position, Responsibilities

  • Marketing Coordinator, CEM International Pty Ltd

  • Manage, organise and implement advertising activities for CEM's divisions

  • Manage, maintain and assist in developing company website

  • Conduct market research and competitive/competitor analysis

  • Prepare and create marketing, business and sales assets, tools, and packages

  • Manage company's relation with marketing and advertising partners

  • Maintain and organise company listings and industry event participation

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Analysed and interpreted social media & website metrics; and create quarterly digital analytics report for the board of directors

  • Create and publish content for company website and LinkedIn profile

& Attributes

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Personality & Attributes

  • Tech savvy, detail oriented marketer

  • Highly motivated and passionate individual

  • Critical thinker who is data driven and enjoys analysis

  • Proactive and a great multitasker

  • Goal/Task oriented and organized

  • Excellent communicator and active listener

  • Team player who also thrives at working independently

  • Open to ideas and experiences

  • Inquisitive and autodidact

  • Great oratory skills with good charisma

& Hobbies

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Interests & Hobbies

  • Psychology & Consumer Behaviour

  • Recycling & Sustainability

  • Computers & Gadgets

  • Travel & Culture

  • Food

  • Music & Audio

Carlo Aguinaldo | Expertise in Marketing, Digital Marketing, Website and SEO

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